Iowans React To President’s Proposal

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DES MOINES, Iowa–President Obama’s plan calling for war authority is getting mixed reactions.

“I would rather it not happen because that means more soldiers getting hurt and killed but on the same hand we need to do it otherwise it`s going to develop into something that we either can`t control or we`re going to have bloodshed here in the United States, and that`s just unacceptable,” says Veteran Tim Cox of Osceola.

Cox served in Iraq and was medically discharged after he was injured from a roadside bomb exploding.

He agrees the U.S. may have pulled out of Iraq before the job was done.

“I think when we pulled out of Iraq it was a little too early that just gave the terrorists more time to build up more soldiers, supplies and more time to be able to plan things out in a strategic manner,” says Cox.

Drake University Associate Professor and Middle Eastern expert Mahmoud Hamad agrees.

“I think what we have done in Iraq by restoring a government that is not efficient, lacks legitimacy, and lacks support from different parts of the population has backfired on us,” says Hamad.

The President suggested ground troops would only be used for rescues and specific missions to kill ISIS leaders.

Cox says that’s unrealistic.

“Any war the going to get involved with there is going to have to be ground troops to not only fight the terrorists but to keep peace,” says Cox.

Hamad agrees saying, “If we are going to tackle this danger as it should have been tackled, U.S. Forces will be involved and not in small or marginal numbers,” says Hamad.

Hamad says Iraqi Forces don’t have the numbers to tackle the threat alone which will force U.S. troops to get involved.

“In the end we will have to deal with the mess we created,” says Hamad.

Cox says while it’s always hard to see U.S. troops go overseas, he thinks we need to tackle the threat of ISIS before they strike again.

“If we don`t pursue it in a timely manner, it could come back and really hurt us,” says Cox.

Hamad said he’s not as concerned with ISIS coming to U.S. soil because its strategy is to hold their ground and create a state but he says they are still very dangerous.

Hamad says ISIS can cause problems to our allies and friends in the Middle East and threaten American national interests overseas.

Cox was assisted when he returned to Iowa by Operation First Response. The organization takes care of wounded soldiers and their families after they return from service. For more information about the organization and to donate click here.



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