DES MOINES, Iowa- People of all ages across Des Moines gathered at the State Capitol Saturday morning to fight for an Alzheimer’s Cure.

The Alzheimer’s Association organizes the Walk to End Alzheimer’s every year. It’s the world’s biggest event that raises awareness and donations for care, support, and research.

Erica Eikren is the Community Events Volunteer Chair who helped organize the event. She said, “It’s good to not feel alone, to feel that support, to feel re-energized, to know that you can have resources available to you through the Alzheimer’s Association and other facilities within the state.”

A sea of purple filled the streets and everyone was given a flower that was color coordinated to their role in this fight.

Blue flowers represented people with Alzheimer’s. Yellow flowers represented care givers. Purple flowers represented people who lost someone to disease. Orange flowers represented people who support a world without Alzheimer’s.

There were also many resources available for people.

Dera Aswegan is a care giver and trainer at Home Instead. She said, “There are so many care givers that work and get paid for this cause and then there’s so many that don’t. Without care givers, we wouldn’t be able to survive and live and thrive in our world.”

With over 66,000 Iowans living with Alzheimer’s and around 100,000 caregivers, the Alzheimer’s Association’s goal was to provide a sense of community.

The Alzheimer’s Association will still accept donation on their website until the end of the year.