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URBANDALE, Iowa- The State of Iowa has resolved, for now the issue of having enough dollars to cover expenses. But the group Iowans for Tax Relief is still working to see taxes lowered in Iowa.

Speaking before the West Side Conservative Club in Urbandale, Chris Ingstad who is President of the group spoke on the groups efforts to lower taxes, including relocating offices from Muscatine, to the Des Moines metro area.

“Ultimately, lower taxes, and lower spending,” said Ingstad. “We advocate for more economic freedom, and reduced government.”

Ingstad said he doesn’t believe Iowa leaders cooked the books. He said he trusts those leaders to do the right thing when it comes to state spending.

“We’d like to reduce the tax burden on Iowans,” said Ingstad. “The first step of that is keeping spending in line, so it creates room to reduce that tax burden on Iowans.”

Ingstad said his group will work with legislative leaders on reducing spending.

“We’ll continue to look for ways the State can reduce spending, or reduce the growth of spending, that might give us some room to adjust taxes as well,” said Ingstad.

Ingstad said the biggest expenses are education and Medicade. He said new collective bargaining laws could help provide some reduction in overall spending.

“We do think zero-based budgeting or priority-based budgeting is something that makes sense, is something we should do on a rotating basis,” said Ingstad. “To make sure that what every department and agency needs, is just that is really what they need, not just assuming they deserve a little bit of growth from the year before.”