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DAWSON SPRINGS, Ky. — Kentucky residents hit hard by a tornado two weeks ago received a “dumpster-size hug” of support from Iowans. Dream Team Disaster Relief formed after the Marshalltown tornado in 2018 to help get the city back on its feet. The team jumped into action again when Nebraska was hit hard by floods, and now their call to action has them in Dawson Springs, Kentucky.

Organizers like Jake Rowley with Dream Team Disaster Relief say the pictures of the tornado damage are nothing compared to witnessing the aftermath first-hand. “We are really seeing just about everything is unsalvageable. You can see up here. That is where Stacey’s house is now and it was right here before,” said Rowley.

A tornado took the lives of over a dozen Dawson Springs residents two weekends ago. Thousands more had their homes destroyed. The group of Iowa volunteers filled a 20-yard long dumpster with supplies donated by the Marshalltown community for tornado victims and hauled it all down to a distribution site in Kentucky on Sunday.

On Monday, Rowley and his team hit the ground running in Dawson Springs and found a paramedic named Stacey Grable whose home was no longer salvageable. Rowley helped level the home and start the debris clearing process. Grable says thankfully all of his family survived the deadly tornado, and he thanked all of the Iowans who played a part in lending their heartfelt support.

“It is so warming because I never dreamed that we would get this kind of help. I never dreamed we’d make the progress we made in the last 4-5 days and to get all the food and clothing,” said Grable.

At this stage in the recovery process, Rowley and his team on the ground in Kentucky believe monetary donations are the best way to help tornado victims in Kentucky. You can donate to the organization’s PayPal account at