OSCEOLA, IOWA — Iowans went to bed on Monday night seeing flurries falling from the sky, only to wake up on Tuesday morning and see the first snow of the season.

In Osceola, the snow totals added up to 3.7 inches. However, the roads and sidewalks were not yet cold enough to let the snow stick around; which benefitted most people by having a clear driveway. But some people still had to pick up the shovel.

“I don’t like shoveling snow. I don’t like the winter, I am just not a cold person,” said Shirley Snell from Osceola, as she shoveled her driveway. “But I’ve been born and raised in Iowa, so I should be used to it by now.”

Another person got lucky enough to only have to shovel his front porch as he went out to get the mail. The cold day and wet ground reminded him of warmer days to come soon.

“I’m getting too old for it so that’s why I head south, so I don’t have three months of it to do,” said Thomas Andersen from Osceola, as he talked about leaving the shovel behind during the winter. “It’s kind of pretty anyway, I liked it. I don’t mind the winter.”