Iowans Answer the Call for Plasma Donations to Treat COVID-19 Patients


IOWA — Last week Iowans who’ve recovered from the coronavirus were challenged to roll up their sleeves and donate plasma to create therapies for those hospitalized with COVID-19. Iowans met that challenge in big way.

LifeServe Blood Centers in Des Moines had its biggest week ever of convalescent plasma donations, Governor Reynolds announced on Tuesday. Each donation of plasma can be used to treat four patients suffering from COVID-19. Reynolds says the number of plasma donations was up by 1,300 patients from the prior week and LifeServe expects donations to remain high this week as well.

Convalescent plasma treatments can only be derived from willing donations made at a blood center. Plasma that is collected at commercial sites for pay cannot be used. LifeServe Blood Centers are the only facilities in central Iowa collecting plasma to make the therapies.


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