URBANDALE, Iowa — Grocery stores all across central Iowa were full of shoppers rushing around trying to complete their Thanksgiving shopping lists before the holiday.

“I’m just picking up some Oreo fluff, the wife’s making that I’m just kind of the messenger,” said Isaac Wolf, as he shopped at Fareway on Wednesday.

The U.S. government estimates that food prices will see around a 10% increase this year. That paired with supply chain issues and a bad year with the avian flu add up to a high-priced turkey dinner.

Shoppers also couldn’t help but notice the increase of prices of all food items.

“Yeah changes, I got to cut back this year, that’s okay. I mean definitely have the turkey, but like the sides,” said Bea Fouche.

“I still think it’s high, but you know you’re going to make it work and we’re blessed, I guess, because we don’t have to worry too much about having the money to pay for it,” said Fran Carenza.

“It’s definitely higher,” said Wolf. “Every time you get to the checkout line you notice it’s more and more. You know, you just try to keep an eye out for sales and coupons and things like that to help out.”

Even with the increase in the price of food items, shoppers still said they had a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

“I’m thankful for my family. We brought one of our kids with us, one is at home with the grandparents,” said Tim Morrison, as he paid for his groceries.

“I’m thankful for my good health and for my family’s good health and just the fact that we can all be together,” said Carenza.

“I mean there is a lot to be thankful for, but you know I had a daughter early this year so I would say I’m thankful for her being healthy for a week finally,” said Wolf. “It seems like COVID and RSV and all sorts of stuff is going around, so it’s nice to finally not have a coughing baby for a little while.”