Iowans Helping Animals Hurt in Australia's Wildfires


DES MOINES, Iowa — Hundreds of Iowans are joining a national effort to help the millions of animals left homeless and hurt by devastating wildfires in Australia.

Fires that have been roaring since September have killed nearly half a billion animals and left 27 people dead in Australia.

Sarah Pool is reaching out to Des Moines libraries and knitting groups and providing them with patterns to make pouches for baby kangaroos and koalas. They are also trying to make things like beds, crates, containers and support equipment of rescuers.

“There’s different places in America where we can be transporting animals that need help to different states. But in Australia, they’re just kind of stuck there. So anything we can do to send our support that way since they can’t send themselves our way,” said Pool.

This is part of a national effort by an organization called Animal Rescue Collective Craft Guild. If you want to get involved, find more information at their Facebook page. 


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