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An Iowa woman who’s spent 30 years trying to solve cold cases plans to get even more involved.

Jody Ewing launched the Iowa cold cases website in 2005. The site includes details of hundreds of unsolved cases, some dating back more than 100 years.

Ewing is now working to get her private investigators license, hoping to keep some of the cases from forever remaining cold.

“There are so many cases that I feel could use a private investigator,” she said. “The current law enforcement department, there are so many crimes happening every day, it’s not that they don’t want to look at these cases, they just don’t have the time. I think these private investigators could play a major role in going back and reinterviewing some of the witnesses and sometimes people are willing to talk after a few years.”

For Ewing, the unsolved cases are very personal.  In 2008, her step father was killed in a propane explosion. The explosion was caused by copper thieves who cut the pipes allowing gas to seep into the home.

Thee thieves remain at large.