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ANKENY, Iowa — As the midterm elections draw closer, early voting is picking up in Polk County.

The county has five satellite locations set up in different towns this week to make it easier on voters to vote early in person. They are in the public libraries of Altoona, Ankeny, Johnston, Urbandale and West Des Moines.

According to Polk County Auditor Jamie Fitzgerald, the Ankeny satellite location has been the busiest of all five. Fitzgerald said that on average there are 700 ballots cast each day the location has been open this week.

Over the busy lunch hour on Friday, dozens of voters braved the rain to get their voices heard early.

For some voters it was important to get ahead of the Tuesday crowds.

“Well, just thought it’d be a good chance to get out and vote before the lines were really long on Tuesday, it’s raining, and maybe get in and out a little quicker than on a Tuesday,” said Jeremy Ingrim, an early voter from Ankeny.

“Well to get in front of the crowds for one thing. I would think it’s going to be busier this year and we just want to make sure that we have the opportunity to get out here before we lost the opportunity,” said Adam Hoffman.

Other voters had specific issues that drove them out to the polls on Friday.

“For me, it’s, we have two daughters, and we have a non-binary child. So for us it’s just protecting their rights and making sure that they’re going to stay safe in the state of Iowa. That’s a big one for me personally,” said Tiffany Hoffman, an early voter from Ankeny.

“The senate candidates,” said Barry Spear. “I think with the lack of civility shown in politics today it’s important that voters come out and express their opinions. And that’s why I came early.”

Early voting at these satellite locations ends on Saturday. You can early vote on Monday at the Polk County Election Office. For more voting information in the county, visit their website.