MARSHALLTOWN, Iowa — Voters were heading to the polls today, and there were no problems with the tallies. Marshall County Auditor Nan Benson said there were around 4,500 absentee ballots and most of those have been returned.

She added that the marking pens used on the ballot had raised some eyebrows, but no problems in casting ballots. The pens were recommended by the voting system manufacturer.

Voters had different issues, but all were glad the commercials will end. Voters also hope the divisiveness will subside.

“I guess I want to see people in office listen to the every day person,” said Sara Broussard, of Marshalltown.  “I’m so tired of people who aren’t in touch with reality telling us what we can and can’t do.”

“Hopefully we can make some serious changes to the state of Iowa as well as to Washington DC., like the abortion issue for example and then funding for the schools of course,” said Christine Hobson, of Marshalltown. “Then, the economy is a big one on my mind because I work in retail and I really see the struggle”