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Iowa Teen Puts on ‘Quarantine Theatre’ Performances Every Day

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

CARLISLE, Iowa — An Iowa teen with a love of musical theater has been putting on a virtual performance on Facebook every day since people have been practicing self-isolation in Iowa.

Fifteen-year-old Bailey Dorr said she couldn’t put on her “Quarantine Theatre” without the support of her mom.

“We love Broadway. We’ve grown up with Broadway and my mom loved it and she gave that love to me and I gave it to Bailey,” said Bobbi Jo Dorr, Bailey’s mother.

Bailey loves Broadway so much she has been putting on daily virtual performances with homemade props.

“We got a bunch of little stuffed animals out and I made myself some binoculars out of toilet paper rolls,” Bailey said.

She’s made homemade costumes, too.

“For ‘Defying Gravity,’ we didn’t have a witch’s hat, so my mom got her big floppy beach hat and then we got a funnel and we kind of taped that on there. We then put a garbage bag on it and taped it around and it worked,” Bailey said.

She’s been working hard to break up the monotony.

“This quarantine was getting to me a little bit, too, so to help people, that really makes me happy,” Bailey said.

Bailey was supposed to be going to a Broadway boot camp hosted by her idol, Kristin Chenoweth, someone she was able to sing with three years ago, but it was canceled due to COVID-19.

“I was really upset, but I understand that it was for the safety of all of us and all of them,” Bailey said.

For now, Bailey and her mom hope to brighten people’s day with virtual performances.

“This is just intermission and we’ll be back together soon. If Bailey can be a little bit of sunshine until this intermission, until we’re all back together for the second act, it’s just a happy place to be,” Bobbi Jo said.

Bailey is currently in a contest to win $1,000 for a local charity and the chance to record a single with a Broadway producer. You can vote for her on


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