Iowa State Students Making Campus Safer with Green Dots

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AMES, Iowa — It’s been almost a week, but police in Ames are still searching for a man who stabbed a lady while she was running Sunday night. The attack happened near the Bandshell Park, but now students on Iowa State University’s campus are doing their part to keep their community safe with the Green Dot Program.

A Green Dot is really anything that promotes safety at Iowa State, whether it’s just expressing your intolerance for power-based personal violence or being an active bystander in a situation that you believe is harmful.

Friday the program is reminding everyone to do a Green Dot, with Green Dot Day.

“It’s not that we have to do big things it really is about what small things we can do,” Jazzmine Brooks, Iowa State’s violence prevention and green dot coordinator said. “So if that means wearing a Green Dot pin or if it means I promote something on my social media. We want people to understand that they can do something. Sometimes we feel like it’s either not our issue, or that it’s too great or too big, or we’re not in a position of power, but really, everyone can do something.”

The program is celebrating its third anniversary on Friday. Throughout its first few years on campus, they’ve held countless training sessions with over 5,000, not only students, but faculty and staff as well, to teach as many people at Iowa State how to be an active bystander and play their role against things like sexual assault, relationship violence, or even stalking.

Training is hours long and can be vigorous, but students say they leave feeling a sense of hope knowing more people are equipped to leave a Green Dot on the campus map and make a difference.

“As a college campus, we are all unified under a couple of things. We are unified because we are Cyclones. We are unified because we wear cardinal and gold. But we can also be unified because we stand against violence. It’s something that we can add to this repertoire of things that, as Cyclones, we just don’t stand for,” Megan Ziemann, Iowa State junior said.

They say if each person adds just one or two Green Dots to our community, we will reduce the perpetration of violence one Green Dot at a time.

The Green Dot Program is asking everyone to wear green to support the program and show your stance against violence today, especially if you are going to be on campus or in Ames.

For more information on the programming click here.


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