AMES, Iowa — Iowa State University sent out an email to all faculty, students, and staff prior to the new semester starting in January. The document had a lot of advice about COVID-19.

The email advised getting vaccinated to help stop the spread of COVID-19. Students are asked to wear a mask, and it’s required in some places including on CyRide buses. They are also asked to get the booster and flu shots. COVID-19 testing is available, with several options on campus. Isolation and quarantine options are available for students who test positive for COVID-19.

“Just making sure that we have resources available to our students and our employees as well for testing, and vaccinations, so that they can make decisions and keep their family safe,” said Kristen Obbink, public health coordinator for Iowa State University. 

“It’s definitely a little bit stressful when everyone just came back from their breaks and stuff and they’ve been traveling. You never know what’s going to break out,” said Caiden Green, an Iowa State student from San Jose, California. “But I feel like everyone here is pretty conscious about what they do and being safe about it.”

“I’m all for everybody just staying safe and healthy and whatever that needs to be necessary. If it’s virtual, then I’m more than happy to do that,” said Brooklyn Border, an Iowa State senior from Fort Dodge. “I’m a very in-person type learner.”

“It’s no different than we did for the past two years,” said Logan Hull, an Iowa State graduate student from Boone. “You’ve got to mask up, be careful. It’s no different for work. We’ll be mindful who might be sick and who might not be.”