Iowa State Patrol Sees an Increase in Speeding While Traffic Has Drastically Decreased

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DES MOINES, Iowa— The Iowa State Patrol is urging Iowans to slow down on the roads. 

Traffic is down by 50% due to fewer people traveling because of COVID-19  but empty highways are leaving plenty of room for speeders. The state patrol issued 95 citations for 100 miles an hour or over just in March alone. That’s up 62% from last March.

Though traffic is down, Iowa State Patrol said they have also seen an increase in accidents. 

Despite popular belief Sgt. Alex Dinkla says troopers are still on the roads and enforcing the law as usual. 

“If we need to take somebody in jail and arrest somebody to take them in, we’re going to have to do that because we still have a job to do, and that’s to keep people safe,” Sgt. Dinkla said. 


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