AMES, Iowa — Cyclone football fans will notice some major changes when they return for the 2022 season kickoff against Southeast Missouri on Saturday. The biggest is the giant pedestrian bridge, informally dubbed “Gateway Bridge,” according to Athletic Director, Jamie Pollard.

“So the bridge cost $10 million it was funded by two donors that both contributed $5 million for the project,” said Pollard. “Gateway Bridge is the informal name, the donors did not want any names on the building, corporate or theirs.”

The bridge is designed to feed pedestrian traffic from a new RV Village that can hold 340 RV campers. The bridge can also take pedestrian traffic coming from the east, over University.

“Those that are parking at Vet Med, most of those are day of parking, now a bridge over the creek you can actually come over that, come through the RV parking lot at the bridge, and into the stadium and avoid dealing with University,” said Pollard.

The RVs were moved as a part of a long-term plan to develop something Pollard calls “Cy-Town.” He said there would be more about that announced in September.

“Well the RV park, or RV Village, it’s a reflection of just what we value here, tailgating is a big part of Cyclone football, and RVs are a big part of that,” said Pollard.

The new bridge should make it easier for law enforcement to keep people safe because the crowds coming across University won’t be as large.

“The thing that we’re really encouraging people this year to do is use that new bridge over University Boulevard,” said ISU Police Chief, Michael Newton. “That was designed to help pedestrians to get across safely, we also have from the other grass lots, a new bridge over the creek, so lots G4, G5 so let’s use those new bridges.”

The new RV Village is expected to generate business for the longtime Haunted Forest parking lot just east of Jack Trice Stadium.

“This is what Iowa State‘s done and moving their RV Village we think we’re gonna get a lot of cars that want go down, possibly tailgate with their friends visit with their friends,” said Lynn Ballard, owner of the lot. “We’re probably about as close as you get to the bridge, so we’re thinking we will have a lot of cars that will park here during the season we certainly look forward to that.”

Kickoff Saturday is at 1:00 p.m.