DES MOINES, Iowa — It was a day of scurrying around the Iowa State Fair before the official opening of the 2022 Fair. Cars jammed the streets of Grand Ave. as vendors were unloading to set up their booths.

Inside the Varied Industries Building Ted Thomason and his family from New Prague, Minnesota had all but completed set up of their Vintage Tin Booth.

“We find old tractor parts, car parts, automotive things, turn them into lamps, tractor bars, turn old golf clubs into bottle openers, I mean repurpose anything, turn old suitcases into speaker boxes,” said Thomason.

His business started in 2014 as an antique collector and dealer, he began his mission to repurpose and sell. While set up at the Minnesota State Fair, someone from the Iowa State Fair spotted his display and recruited Vintage Tin to come to our State Fair.

“We do go to other fairs, and if we see something unique that we don’t have at our fair, I mean we wouldn’t want to duplicate, but if we see something that’s unique that we like, we give them a card and tell them to apply,” said Iowa State Fair Manager, Gary Slater.

Slater said he is hoping this year will see more people coming to the Iowa State Fair.

“There’s so many things that affect our attendance, so the weather being the first one,” said Slater. “I think the economy is going to help us this year because maybe people are not taking as long or as extended vacations and they’ll stay maybe closer to Central Iowa.”

Slater said that people come to the Iowa State Fair to try the food.

“The number one reason people come to the Fair, they tell us 70% of the people love the food,” said Slater.

This year the Iowa State Fair has a collection of 53 new foods for people to try.