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DES MOINES – The Iowa State Fair is less than two weeks away and many food and concession vendors are still looking to hire more employees.

Since May, food vendors have worried about finding enough employees for this year’s fair and it looks like some may not fill all of their positions.

Eric Campbell, the owner of Campbell’s Concessions and The Depot at the fairgrounds said that he still has 80 jobs out of 450 total positions to fill.

“Things are looking better here in the last few weeks we see people coming into our warehouse, our online application on but here in last couple weeks we’ve seen more,” Campbell said. “Last year we had a bit of a harder time. We can tell with the gas prices and the food prices I think people are trying to figure out a second way to get some income.”

Campbell thinks more people will continue to apply as the fair gets closer. Even if they are short a few employees he doesn’t think it will affect the experience of fairgoers.

“We know in our peak times we will have full capacity at all windows maybe towards the evening if we had three windows we would only run the two but were pretty efficient in our operation,” Campbell said, “but we still want the experience for the customer so we still might have to downsize one window to offset it.”

Campbell Concessions is currently accepting applications on its website.