DES MOINES, Iowa — On day two at the Iowa State Fair it was all about the competitions.

In the Champion Suffolk Ram competition the judge had specific characteristics he was looking for in each class.  Likewise at the Chicken Barn the judge had specific expectations on what each bird should look like, for example they shouldn’t have any broken feathers.

Outside the Agriculture Building was a giant competition – literally. Pete Casper along with his daughter Alba won first place with a giant pumpkin weigh-in at 1281 pounds.

“Got second place a couple years ago and we have seen a trophy given away that was our bucket list,” said Casper.

At the Old Time Fiddlers Competition in Pioneer Hall, it was not only old timers performing.

Anne Stuart, 13 of Polk City, was playing while brother Ben, 18, played with her on guitar.

“It’s a little bit nerve wracking, but once you get up there and you can enjoy playing in front of all these people,” said Stuart. She has been playing in the competition for the past five years.