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AMES, Iowa — Iowa State University this week opened the ISU Creamery. This is not only an ice cream shop, featuring ISU themed flavors, but a program to teach dairy science skills. That would include making not only ice cream, but cheese and dairy products.

“You’ve heard of microbrewery, we have a micro creamery here at Iowa State,” said Stephanie Clark, the Virginia M. Gladney Professor, Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition, at ISU. “What does, it prepares students for those practical careers in the dairy food science industry.”

Practical educational value aside, there was a long line of students waiting outside the Creamery’s small retail outlet in the Food Science Building. They were there to sample ISU themed flavors, such as “Campanile Kiss,” and “Cardinal Tracks.” The number one flavor is called “Legacy.”

“Mildred Day who is one of the creators of the Rice Crispy Treat and George Washington Carver was famous for peanut research, said Clark. “So the two of them captured in this one product called Legacy which is Scotcharoooo ice cream, peanut butter Scotch flavored ice cream with chocolate-covered rice crisp.”

“I’m having “Legacy,” which is th Scotcharoo flavored ice cream, and the “Campanile Kiss,” with strawberries,” said Grace German, and ISU Animal Science major from Holstein.

“I got one scoop of “1858” which is a dark chocolate ice cream and then One scoop of Campanile kiss which has strawberry swirls in it,” said Emily Sauguling, and Animal Science Major, from Atlantic.

The Ice Cream event was a bit of a celebration on the campus, where the concentration has been not only on studies, but social distance, and masks. The day was noticed by the Dean of the College of Human Sciences, Laura Jolly, who was there to greet students.

“Visiting with students and I said how was the first week been,” said Jolly, “They all talked about how glad they were to see each other, and especially to be literally back on campus.

Flavors now offered included: “Two Swans,” vanilla ice cream honoring the original Lancelot and Elaine, the swans on Lake LaVerne.

“1858:” Dark Chocolate Ice Cream commemorating the establishment of Iowa’s land-grant college.

“Campanile Kiss:” Cyclone Swirls of strawberry ice cream, honor the tradicitons of “Campanilling where ISU students kiss under the campanile at midnight.

“Cardinal Tracks,” chocolate ice cream with chocolate-covered raspberry cups and fudge swirls.

“Wintergreen:” mint chocolate flake isce cream honoring ISU’s first woman president, Wendy Wintersteen.

More flavors will be added in October to honor each College making up Iowa State. Right now the ice cream can only be purchased in the Food Science Building from 11-3 each day, except Wednesday. They hope to offer some sales online in the future.