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AMES, Iowa — When work began planning for the new Advance Teaching and Research Building at Iowa State, part of the plan included artwork for the lobby. The five-floor building on the corner of Stange Road and University on campus, houses three departments.

This week installation was completed by Los Angeles artist Gaston Nogues.

“They’ve been asking what is it,” said Nogues. “So, that’s been the main question, we want people to basically interpret this thing.”

The fiberglass artwork is designed to appear to grow like a tree from the vertical wall in the ATRB lobby.

“This is made out of 8th inch diameter rod is a fiberglass,” said Nogues. “So it grew in a sense the same way that a plant will grow, something biological would grow.”

The piece cost around $250,000.

‘We’re the Iowa State University of science and technology but without the art there’s a whole empty part of our existence,” said Rob Wallace, who served on a committee to acquire art for ATRB and Bessey Hall, which was remodeled at the same time the ATRB project.

The artist is still working on what to name the project.

“We are working on the title,” said Nogues. “The title is kind of like naming the baby, you don’t want to do that until it’s born.”