Iowa Speedway Green Lights Dying Boy’s Need For Speed

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NEWTON, Iowa — Saying Caleb Hammond has a love for racing is an understatement.  “This was one of the cars I wanted to have when I grew up,” said Caleb as he glanced at the Ferrari 488 Challenge resting in park at the Iowa Speedway.  Holly Kempf said her 11-year-old son has a need for speed.  “It’s in his blood,” she said.  In 2017 doctors also found leukemia in his body and the cancer mutated into an incurable form.  Now Caleb has just 4-6 weeks to live.  John Hammond, Caleb’s father said, “He was in the hospital for four months. He was in a medically induced coma.  A parents worst nightmare.”  Caleb’s wish for racing stickers on his casket went viral sending countless deliveries to his home.  “Probably thousands.  We’ve met our goal.”

Ferrari-Maserati of Fort Lauderdale, Florida and the Iowa Speedway shifted that into overdrive Wednesday providing Caleb with a custom racing suit, shoes and gloves and an on track experience inside a Ferrari.  “I think it is amazing,” said Caleb.  Lap after lap the speedometer climbed to 180 mph and then 190 mph.  The engine roared with Caleb inside.  He said, “It’s very loud.  It was like an explosion.”  Living out his life-like his favorite NASCAR driver Kyle Larson.  “He’s fast and very fearless,” said Caleb.  “When we did the donuts, it felt like a tornado,” he added.  Topping at 202 mph, the ride of a lifetime.  “This is something I’ll never forget.” Seeing her son so excited, Holly said, “On my weakest days, I look at him and if he smiles that’s another day of hope.”

Caleb Hammond’s life may be on its final lap but in true race driver fashion he hopes anyone battling the odds like he his puts the pedal to the metal until they see the checkered flag wave.  “Stay strong and hang in there,” said Caleb.

Ferrari-Maserati of Fort Lauderdale also gifted Caleb tickets from his favorite NFL team the Green Bay Packers.

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