Iowa Senator Reigniting Debate Over Banning Traffic Cameras

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DES MOINES, Iowa — An Iowa state senator is reigniting a debate over banning the use of traffic cameras.

Urbandale Republican Brad Zaun has been trying to end the practice of ticketing Iowa drivers using stoplight and speed cameras for over a decade. That proposal advanced in the Senate subcommittee this week with Sen. Jake Champan of Adel serving as bill manager.

Last year, a similar bill died in the house. Zaun says he thinks this year will see a more bipartisan discussion on the what he is calling abusive practices using those cameras.

“I do believe that these have become very abusive. You can look at the example on University [Avenue] where they lowered the speed limit, once you hit the city of Windsor Heights. There’s a camera that’s mounted at the top of the hill and about six or so blocks to the west there’s another camera to catch you if they didn’t catch you at the top of the hill. So I think it’s really unfortunate and I do think there’s some momentum to get things done this year,” said Zaun.

You can hear more on what Zaun had to say on traffic cameras, his opposition to mandating hands-free phone use on the road and his idea to end professors’ tenure at Iowa’s public universities by watching this Sunday’s Insiders.


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