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DES MOINES, IOWA — The bill to restrict transgender girls from playing in girls sports in Iowa has moved one step closer to being signed into law.

On Wednesday the Iowa Senate Republicans passed the bill that would ban transgender girls from participating in sports at all school levels, including colleges, both public or private. Club teams that are not affiliated with school districts or universities are left out of this legislation. This bill has also passed through the House a couple of weeks ago, so all that is left is for Governor Reynolds to sign the bill into law.

Senate Republicans main argument from the debate on Wednesday was that competition between biological males and females is not fair. One senator said that it doesn’t matter what someone identifies as when it comes to sports.

“Trans girls are boys, not girls. Trans women are men, not women,” said State Senator Jeff Taylor (R) from Sioux Center. “Two plus two does not equal five and will never equal five.”

Senate Democrats argued that this is not a problem currently taking place in the state and that there are more important issues that the legislative body should cover. A senator highlighted that the goal for trans athletes is not to dominate sports, but to be included in them.

“Trans kids they just want an opportunity to play sports for the same reason that other kids want to; they just want to be a part of a team where they belong,” said State Senator Pam Jochum (D) from Dubuque.

Female Republican Senators and Representatives have said in the past that this would be undoing a lot of progress that has been made for making girls sports equal to boys in the state.

“You have got people supporting them, you have people cheering us on, for winning that tournament,” said State Senator Annette Sweeney (R) from Alden. “A ‘no’ vote is to strip everything that my age bracket has worked for and for the cheers we get when we get back into the gymnasium of our school.”

House File 2416 would take effect immediately after Gov. Reynolds signs the bill into law.