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DES MOINES, IOWA — Iowa lawmakers have officially approved voting district boundaries across the state. The process has been delayed by an overdue 2020 Census report and the rejection of the first set of proposed maps by lawmakers earlier this month.

On Thursday afternoon the Iowa Senate voted 48-1 to approve the second set of maps. The Iowa House voted on the issue to a count of 93-2 with 5 absent which officially set the maps in place for the next decade.

Both Republicans and Democrats agreed on Thursday that the map fit the constitutional requirements and followed Iowa law for redistricting.

Using the special session, Republican lawmakers pushed through a bill that was approved by both chambers of the legislature. The bill allows those who have been fired from their job for being unvaccinated for covid 19 to receive unemployment benefits.

To be able to receive benefits you must have one of three reasons for not getting the vaccine: medical, religious or a minor with parental consent. But a doctor’s note is not required to claim the employee is not getting the vaccine for a medical purpose. It is strictly up to the employee who was let go. However, this bill does not prevent businesses from firing employees for not following a vaccine mandate.

That bill passed through the Iowa House first by a vote of 67-27 with 6 members not voting. Then the Iowa Senate approved the bill by a vote of 45-4 with one absent.