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WILLIAMS, Iowa- The old saying, fences make good neighbors, is being used at a new hog barn here. Iowa Select Farms hosted an open house here to let the public see a new type of system, designed to improve relationships between hog farmers, and rural neighbors.

A brand new barn has been constructed with two things designed to curb odor. First an electro-static fence has been erected just beyond the barn’s exhaust fans. The idea being that odor travels on dust, if they can stop the dust, they could also keep the smell on the farm. The electrically charged fences are designed to trap dust which would be blown far off the farm.

Also the farm has installed a windbreak of trees to help keep airflow on the farm.

“These things aren’t required by state law, they’re not regulated by the federal government,” said Noel Williams, CEO of Iowa Select Farms. “As much as I would like to, as a production guy, have this help the environment in the barns or help pigs grow better, they don’t but they do help us be good neighbors.”

The idea of planting trees has been underway for a while.

“Through this unique initiative the Coalition connects Iowa farmers who are interested in planting wind breaks and aesthetic tree plantings on their livestock farms, with those participating nurseries, said Brain Waddingham, Executive Director of the Coalition to Support Iowa’s Farmers. “Since the program began in 2009, we’ve planted over 70,000 trees on livestock farms throughout the state, and with Iowa Select Farm’s commitment we’re going to plant even more trees throughout the state of Iowa.”