Iowa Second Congressional District Jasper County Recount Complete


NEWTON, Iowa- Though it has been over three weeks since election day, Iowa’s Second Congressional District Winner, has not been determined. As of Wednesday, Republican Marionnette Miller-Meeks has 196,880 votes over Democrat Rita Hart, with 196,845, she trails by just 35 votes.

A recount in Jasper County Sunday had netted Hart an additional nine votes. Some 17 ballots were not read properly by the machine, which broke down during the recount. So on Wednesday the three-member Jasper County Recount Board elected to count the absentee ballots there with a different machine.

“At this point the company from Omaha that we purchased equipment from and did our tech-support is setting up a new machine,” said Jasper County Auditor Dennis Parrott. “They are showing the board, how it’s calibrated,that’s the process we’re going through now.”

Once the recount was complete, it showed mostly the same results as Election Day.

“Yes, the numbers did change their much closer to what they were on election day,” said Paula Dierenfeld, who served as the Miller-Meeks Recount Board Representative. “There was one difference, and that was one of the votes that was counted for Miller Meeks in those two previous accounts shifted over to the over-vote category otherwise all the numbers are the same.”

The problem from the Sunday recount was a new camera was put in the voting machine during the recount. Two members of the Board felt that did not give an accurate tally.

Now the attention will shift to Scott County which has a meeting scheduled for nine AM Monday for the Board of Supervisors to canvass and approve that recount there, which netted Hart 25 additional votes.

Secretary of State Paul Pate has scheduled a three pm meeting on Monday where he intends to certify the results, and winners of Iowa’s elections.


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