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Iowa Schools Remain Closed Until April 30th


DES MOINES, Iowa – Governor Kim Reynolds extends school closures through the month of April.

On Thursday the Governor announced in a press conference public schools and non-public accredited schools will remained closed until April 30th.

Iowa Department of Education Director Ann Lebo said, “Under the voluntary option, schools can encourage students to participate by cannot require them to do so. Under the required option, students are required to participate, attendance is taken, work is graded and credit granted.”

Under new guidelines public districts and non-public accredited schools are now required to let the state know what options it will use during April 13th through April 30th.

Reynolds said, “School districts know best what will work for their communities, which is why these decisions can and should be made locally.”

Newton Community Schools Parent Jody Marshall Stiles said she agrees with the governor’s decision to keep the schools closed.

“It’s understandable decision to keep people safe. It makes a lot of sense,” Marshall Stiles said.

Waukee Community Schools Parent Erin Kozitza said she agrees with Reynolds, but is concerned how to juggle also being a full-time employee.

“My biggest concern is nobody is getting the best of me right now. My employer’s not getting the best of me, my children aren’t getting the best of me. They’re not getting the best of schooling,” Kozitza said.

Channel 13 sent out a Facebook Post with hundreds of viewers chiming their opinion. Heather Fleming said “I think if we don’t need to shelter in place then there should be school, the kids are the lowest percentage of people getting sick.”

Districts have until April 10th to submit a decision on how to hold school from home.


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