Iowa school board tables discussion on Indian mascot to focus on COVID-19 prevention


INDIANOLA, Iowa (AP) — The Indianola School Board has tabled discussions about dumping the district’s Indian mascot to focus its attention on fighting the spread of coronavirus in school buildings.

The board decided at a meeting Monday to postpone acting on any mascot changes until after the November election, in which at least three board seats will be decided at the polls.

“This is not our priority,” school board member Carolyn Langenwalter said. “I’m not disagreeing that we should talk about it, but I think it’s something we delay until we get through the pandemic.”

The board’s decision comes as schools, cities, and athletic teams across the country are changing or reconsidering mascots considered to be culturally insensitive.

Last year, the city of Indianola voted to remove Native American imagery from its city logo, including from police cars, badges, and patches.

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