Iowa Pork Producers Association Holds Annual Meeting

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Iowa Pork Producers Assoc.
2015 Iowa Pork Producers Assoc.

DES MOINES, Iowa – More than 200 pork producers gathered Tuesday to take part in the 2015 Iowa Pork Producers Association annual meetings.

Producers looked at way to improve the expansion and production of the product. The biggest topic of discussion was how to change the perception people have about the pork farmers and production companies.

“There is a disconnect between producers and consumers. We need to get the word out there that we do care about our product. We care about raising pigs. We want to do it in the right way and a sustainable way,” said Al Wulfekuhle, V.P. of Resources of IPPA, on improving that relationship. “We need to get out there that we are families. We care about what we do.”

Wulfekuhle said that biggest concern producers hear from consumer is how the product is raised and processed before it gets to the table. “Animal welfare is a big concern. I think consumers want to know how their product is raised. So we need to be more open and share our story with consumers.”

Wulfekuhle stressed that the way pork has been raised and process over the last 50 years is not sustainable and needs to improve.


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