DES MOINES – Saturday, April 30th is National Prescription Take Back Day and police departments across the state of Iowa are working with the Drug Enforcement Agency to run collection drives where people can drop off old prescription medicine to be disposed of safely.

Statewide, police departments will be collecting old prescriptions from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Many police departments also have drop off boxes that are available year-round for people to get rid of old prescriptions.

One metro police department that sees a lot of use from its prescription drop box is West Des Moines. In 2021 it collected 1,100 pounds of prescription medicine and so far this year it has already collected 400 pounds.

Lt. Ryan Evans with the Polk County Sheriff’s Department said that turning in old prescription drugs is an important way to keep them off the streets.

“Unfortunately prescription medications and prescription narcotics is a way that illegal substances make it to the street for sale,” Lt. Evans said. “So we just want to give people the opportunity to get rid of that stuff so we don’t run into those issues”

A full list of police stations participating in the National Prescription Take Back Day collection drives is available on the DEA’s website.