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JEFFERSON, Iowa — The drought has affected this year’s harvest season, but an Iowa orchard was able to avoid a harsh impact on its crop.

Deal’s Orchard in Jefferson, known for its apple cider and annual fall festival, was pleasantly surprised with this year’s pumpkin and apple harvest.

Chris Deal, a fourth-generation family member of the Deal family who operates Deal’s Orchard, says droughts typically reduce the size of the apples but not the quantity of apples.

“We expected to see some smaller size apples this year. We’ve been pleasantly surprised with what we harvested. Pumpkins like dry weather, so we’ve got one of the best pumpkin crops we’ve had in a long time,” said Deal.

The pandemic has continued to positively impact the orchard’s business as well. Deal says this time last year was busy, and the amount of people who have come to the orchard this year is about the same.

“We had some really incredible crowds that came out and we were able to offer them a safe experience, a family-friendly experience, so it was a very busy year last year and likewise this year,” said Deal.

Deal also credits his staff members for their hard work all throughout the season.

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