ICONIUM, Iowa — The past few days have called for tireless work from law enforcement in Appanoose County but as David Boley continues to elude investigators the nights have been sleepless for residents who remain uncertain of the danger that may still exist in their community.

“It’s kind of hard when you sleep in the country. Every little bump in the middle of the night is a little unsettling sometimes,” said Matt Mosely who is a general manager at BK’s Boathouse Bar and Grille in Iconium. “A little crazy but it has made for quite the interesting weekend at the restaurant,” said Mosley.

Matt works and lives in Iconium. He says when news broke publically from the Appanoose County Sheriff’s Office Saturday that 33-year-old David Boley had assaulted a deputy in nearby Moravia and a manhunt began in Iconium, they knew what to do. “Kind of watching out for each other,” Mosely said.

While the search extended into day three Chief Deputy Jonathan Printy believes Boley is running out of options. Boley is also wanted on warrants for sexual abuse, drug distribution to a minor, and child endangerment. Printy said they’ve received tips of him trying to hitchhike and even getting aggressive with a homeowner in Iconium before the homeowner pulled a gun on the fugitive forcing him to leave. “The desperation the subject is experiencing right now, he is trying to find his way out any way he can,” said Printy.

Mosely believes most in the community are well equipped to defend themselves and that is easing his mind. “In southern Iowa the amount of people that have guns and that can go and help protect each other, we still feel pretty safe even though it is a crazy scenario going on.”

For many, the fear of the unknown is always present. “I wish we had a little bit more information of where he truly might be and where he truly is not,” said Mosley.

The 121 camper sites behind BK’s Boathouse are a popular place given the proximity to Lake Rathbun. Matt says it was a camper resident that made the tip on Sunday that they saw Boley on County Road J-18. “At the time we had all our staff just starting to come in so we spread the news real quick on our group chat and let the campers know on their group chat as well. Thank goodness for modern technology that we can spread the word fast,” Mosley said.

Moravia Community School District leaders say with Boley still at large all doors will remain locked during the day. No students will be allowed to leave without a parent’s permission and outdoor activities including recess have been canceled.