DES MOINES, Iowa — Wilma’s quilt continues to inspire and support the community.

Erin Kiernan introduced us to Wilma Bentley back in December. The 93-year-old from Waukee, a child of the Depression, created a handmade quilt to auction off for the benefit of The Salvation Army. It’s an organization she says helped her own family during hard times.

Wilma Bentley and the quilt she made to auction off for The Salvation Army.

The quilt took her three years to complete. The highest bidder in the auction originally won the quilt for $2,500. She then bumped up her bid by $200 to help Wilma’s virtual kettle reach her $1,000 goal.

The bidder, only known as Deb, has now donated the quilt back to The Salvation Army for another auction, hoping to help the organization reach its yearly goal.

“I LOVE this quilt!  I want it to go to a good home, to someone who is going to take care of it and remember all the love and the care and effort and work that Wilma put into it. I also want to see more donations to The Salvation Army, that does good work, to share the love and the kindness and taking care of each other that this has come to represent,” said Deb.

A new Facebook post has been created for people to place their bids in the comments. The auction is open until January 24th and you can bid on the quilt here.