MADISON COUNTY, Iowa – The Madison County Sheriff’s Office is sharing a video of a mountain lion spotted roaming in central Iowa.

The sheriff’s office told WHO 13 that the video it posted Monday was taken just outside of St. Charles from a hunter’s tree stand. The mountain lion can be seen making its way through the woods near the stand.

Mountain lion caught on a trail camera in Warren County. (Courtesy: Madison County Sheriff’s Office)

The Madison County Sheriff’s Office said it and the Warren County Sheriff’s Office have been notified of multiple sightings of a mountain lion in the area, some confirmed by video and images. The MCSO also shared a photo of a mountain lion taken from a trail cam it said was located near New Virginia in Warren County.

Officials are not sure whether the mountain lion seen in the video and the one pictured on the trail cam are the same animal, or whether there may be more than one mountain lion in the area.

The MCSO said it doesn’t believe the mountain lion poses a danger to the public because the sightings have been in remote areas.

According to the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, mountain lions do not have any wildlife protections in the state but the department does not advocate the indiscriminate killing of mountain lions. The DNR said it has not documented a self-sustaining breeding population of mountain lions in Iowa.