DES MOINES – Iowans are no stranger to unpredictable weather. This spring has been cold and wet which has had a big impact on lawn care.

Normally people start off their spring lawn care season by laying down crabgrass reemergent by May 1st. However, experts say that with the colder temperature that the metro has seen this spring you may be able to wait a few weeks.

“With crabgrass preemergent, we have a little bit extra time to put that down. You want to put that down before your soil starts getting into the 50s. With the cooler spring, the soil actually stays cooler longer so you have a little bit more time to get that down,” Austin Dunn, the Manager of Earl May in Waukee, said.

The cold and wet spring may mean people need to wait to get started on lawncare but it does help grass bounce back from a tough winter.

“So this spring being a little bit cooler, a little bit wetter, the grass is actually enjoying that,” Dunn said. “This winter it was cold with not a lot of snow cover, the grass kind of took a beating and this is kind of helping it get back into its cycle of things.”

Lawncare supplies are more expensive than ever before due to inflation and a global fertilizer supply shortage. This means that when people do decide to start planting their gardens things will cost more.