MENLO, Iowa — President Biden is visiting the town of Menlo later Tuesday to announce that he will be waiving federal rules around how much ethanol gas can contain.

Menlo which is home to POET Bioprocessing, a processing plant that produces ethanol, is reflective of many rural communities that contribute to bio-fuel infrastructure whether it’s farming corn or housing processing facilities like POET.

The President’s Infrastructure law provided funding for rural communities like Menlo for roads, internet, and water.

For the community of fewer than 400 residents, a presidential visit is the last thing they would have expected.

“I was not expecting this it’s very exciting news that the president is coming at least to the outskirts of our town to our ethanol plant,” said Carol Sheldahl the town’s mayor.

Presidents have visited small towns in Iowa before but Menlo is by far the smallest to have been visited by an acting president, in recent memory.