FORT DODGE, Iowa — The weather Tuesday was expected to be another blazing hot day at the Iowa Girls State Softball Tournament at Harlan Rogers Field in Fort Dodge. But, instead, mid-day had sunshine, 91 degrees, and a pleasant cool breeze.

The wind was mostly good for the fans, but not for Julie Astor, one of the gate keepers to the tournament. The wind kept blowing her tents over.

“It’s kind of windy today so this morning the tent I had yesterday was already blown away overnight,” said Astor. “So this is my second tent and the wind just kept blowing the blowing and bending the brackets of it and if finally gave in.”

After losing two tents to the wind, she opted for a shady spot under a tree.

The wind was appreciated by Ballard softball fans sitting in the sunny outfield. 

“I think what helps the most is it’s pretty windy right now, so if there wasn’t any wind I think we’d all be baking,” said Jack Luster, a Ballard Softball fan.

Some softball fans opt to cool off when their team is not playing at the nearby Kennedy Park Campground. The Dillingers were playing corn hole in the shade on an off day when the Winterset Huskies were not playing softball nearby.

“We come up every year to the ball tournaments, watch mostly local teams like Winterset and stuff,” said Dick Dillinger, from Winterset.

“Sometimes it’s hard, but other times it’s not too hot,” said Raedene Dillinger.

Some fans come every year, just to see whoever is playing. Dawn Wood of Grimes brings her dad every year. The heat on Monday was almost unbearable, so she got two lawn chairs each with their own shade.

“Yesterday we saw a couple that had these chairs and so I sent my daughter to Ankeny at Sportsman‘s Warehouse and to pick us up a couple,” said Wood. “My Dad and I come every year for 18 years now so this is a lot of help the sunshade.”