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DES MOINES, Iowa — The Iowa State Fair is less than a hundred days away, and vendors are dealing with worker and food shortages.

Campbell’s Concessions is a popular vendor at the State Fair. They said that compared to previous years it started its hiring process early this year. The company also said most of its applicants are teenagers and they hope to attract some older workers.

“We definitely are excited about people older than 16 to apply because that means they can cook and kind of handle more of that part of the operation,” said Campbell’s Concession Project Manager Kayla Little.

The company also added a QR code to its social media pages and its concession stands to make applying for a job more manageable.

In the meantime, the owner of The Rib Shack said it is also dealing with the worker shortage.

“We always try to treat our people really well at the fair, but I think this year we’re going to have to expect to pay more to our staff,” said Rib Shack owner Joni Bell.

However, Bell said she also is worried about the food shortage. Bell said that she started ordering food ahead of the fair, but Bell said she might have to adjust some of her prices.

“When we sign up for the fair, every year our contract we have a certain amount of time to adjust our prices, so it’s very hard this year to do that because honestly every day is a different change and it’s hard for us to commit two months out what prices are going to be right now,” said Bell.

Sysco Foods Sales Consultant Albert Koumdakjian said food prices for chicken and eggs are high because of the bird flu.

“Especially for the Ribshack at the Iowa State Fair, it is getting pretty difficult. The food supply is getting really tight right now,” said Koumdakijan.

“So we’re looking out ahead three or four months out to secure product for our customers.”

In the meantime, the Iowa State Fair is also seeking seasonal workers. The fair runs from August 11 to 21.

Anyone interested in applying for a job should click on the links below.

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