APPANOOSE COUNTY, Iowa — Deputies reached day two of their search for 33-year-old David Boley on Sunday. While they did not find the suspect, crucial tips from the public helped their investigation.

Boley is accused of assaulting an Appanoose County deputy and running away. Boley is also wanted on warrants for sexual abuse, drug distribution to a minor and child endangerment.

Law enforcement agencies have zeroed in on the small community of Iconium, a village just north of Rathbun Lake, in their search for Boley.

“So far, we’ve searched just about every structure within the community here,” said Appanoose County Chief Deputy Jonathan Printy. “He has to be looking for any opportunity he can to get out of this area, but we do have some decent intel that he’s still here.”

Law enforcement acted on two possible sightings of Boley in Iconium Sunday. The first tipster said Boley may have attempted to hitchhike out of town on County Highway J18, while the other suggested Boley took his attempt to escape to another level.

“Mr. Boley approached a man while the man was in his garage and asked for a ride,” Printy said. “The homeowner went along with it and advised him that he’s going inside to get some keys.

However, authorities say Boley did not get the ride he asked for.

“Mr. Boley was attempting to enter the residence with force,” Printy said. “That homeowner then confronted him with a firearm.”

Boley’s whereabouts are still unknown after that sighting, but law enforcement is hoping more people come forward with the tips and information they have.

“He’s going to start to get pretty desperate,” Printy said. “We’re going to accept any tips at all and any leads we get, we’re going to follow up and look into. The public is very important when it comes to getting the information that can lead to an arrest at this point.”

David Boley is 5’10” and 280 pounds with brown or possibly shaved hair.

He has multiple tattoos, including the letters ‘NY’ on his left shoulder, a Green Bay Packers logo on his left arm, and a burning cross on his left forearm.

Boley is considered armed and dangerous; if you see him, call 911 immediately.