IOWA — Hot weather has settled into central Iowa and we may break a couple records in the next two days.

A big ridge of high pressure is sitting over the Central Plains. This is pushing all the clouds and rain over the Rockies and up into Canada through late week. We will continue to see increasing temperatures and humidity levels in Central Iowa.

The dewpoints will be up in the mid-70s, which puts us in the tropical to unbearable level for moisture in our atmosphere. It is especially intense in southern Iowa.

High temperatures are expected to range from the mid-90s today to the low 100s through Thursday.

The combination of the high humidity and high temperature has led to an Excessive Heat Warning being put in place to warn of the danger of being outside for an extended period without water, shade or breaks in the air conditioning.

Records may be broken on Tuesday and Wednesday as high temperatures rise above 100. School starts across Iowa on Wednesday and we could break record highs that same day.

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