AMES, IOWA — Nick Bassett was known to Cyclone Nation as a superfan. He first became passionate about the team after they defeated Oklahoma State in 2011, causing fans to storm the field. Nick told people he planned to never miss a game after that.

His story was shared nationally with ESPN Gameday when that show came to town.

The news this week was not so cheery for the superfan. Nick’s mom had called for the Cyclone Nation to pray. In a tweet, his mom Ann said “His body is no longer able to keep up the fight, and they are currently talking to the Iowa Organ Donor Network.”

Ann told The Des Moines Register that Nick passed away Thursday.

Cyclone Men’s basketball Center, George Condit said in a tweet, “the joy he had every time I was able to speak to him was wonderful.”

Bassett was also appreciated for all his work with Adaptive Sports Iowa.

“Nick was always just super excited to see anyone,” said Hannah Lundeen, Director of Adaptive Sports Iowa. “He loves sharing with others just like creating memories, anytime that he got the chance he would share about adaptive sports Iowa, an incredible advocate for our organization.” 

Nick was known to do adaptive basketball, skiing, and riding bikes, especially on RAGBRAI.

“The riders by the side of the road would see a little kid in a wheelchair, and give out cycling caps,” said Lundeen. “Nick would come back to me every single day would take like 10-12 cycling hats.”