CHARITON, Iowa — Red Haw State Park was severely damaged when a tornado tore through it taking one life on March 5th, 2022. Now the DNR is working on plans to rebuild the campground and beach area.

The campground was completely leveled by the tornado and has remained closed ever since. The beach building at the park has also remained closed due to damage.

Chad Kelchen, the District 4 Parks Supervisor for the Iowa DNR, said that the DNR appreciates the public’s patience.

“This is their favorite resource, this is their local resource they’re there every day. Every day they go out there they don’t see the new stuff going in right away. It seems like we’re going at a snail’s pace but we’re going at the best possible speed to be responsible about how we do this and that we have a good product in the end,” Kelchen said.

The Iowa DNR will hold an open house Tuesday starting at 5:00 p.m. at Chariton City Hall to discuss designs for the new campground and beach area with the public.

The DNR expects construction to finish on renovations for Red Haw State Park in the Fall of 2024.