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STORY CITY, Iowa — An overflow crowd of people wanted to address the Roland-Story school board Monday night in the wake of an alleged assault in April; earlier this month police charged two students in the case.

The meeting in the school library was at capacity, filled with parents who want answers about the specific case and what they say are ongoing issues where kids are being bullied.

“You guys gotta understand, at this school you’re with our kids, eight plus hours a day. We’re trusting you to be leaders and take control and be in charge and discipline people when discipline needs to be done,” one parent said during her public comment.

The most recent incident involves a student who was stripped down and assaulted with a pencil. Kade Blume, a junior coming off his second state wrestling title and a fellow student were arrested. The other suspect was charged as a juvenile. Blume has pleaded not guilty. His attorney wants this case sent back to juvenile court.

The school district released a statement at the meeting that read in part:

“First, the Roland-Story Community School District takes these allegations very seriously and continues -as it has since last spring- to cooperate fully with local law enforcement as it handles the investigation. The alleged incident occurred off school property and was not connected with any school event.”

Roland-Story Community School District

The alleged victim’s mother shared a statement at the meeting that was read by a fellow parent.

“Although the legal investigation happened off school grounds, there were lots of things that happened on school grounds,” Darrell Smith read. “Personally, I was going to exit this community without saying anything because I’m exhausted with trying to convince people in power to actually do what is right by parents and students, to actually do their jobs. But, I couldn’t leave without making one last attempt to wake people up. This is not about me. It’s about all the students left in this community who are suffering and need your help.”

Mother of the alleged victim

Board member Jasmine Goeders offered a response.

“We do take this seriously and it is our job. We are elected by you to act for the best interest of our community and act for the best interest for the kids in this district and we do take that serious,” Goeders said.

A member of the wrestling team informed me Blume has not been at school lately and has not practiced with the team. Blume’s next court date on the motion to move his case from adult to juvenile court is set for December fifth.