DES MOINES, Iowa — The pandemic exposed many people to remote work, and while mask mandates and other COVID-19 restrictions may be going away, working from home may be here to stay.

People who worked from home have found that having a larger apartment or an extra bedroom to use as office space is a huge benefit for their quality of life and that has caused many to start looking for apartments that offer more space.

Right now the metro is seeing a huge demand for two-bedroom apartments and larger apartments partly due to the increase in people who work from home.

Andrew Lietzow, The Executive Director of the Iowa Landlord Association, says that Iowa is unique in that housing prices aren’t too cost-prohibitive to prevent people from trading up for more space.

“As you look around this country, this trend it may be very possible that others could afford it but gosh you know you’re looking at the increase in the price for a two-bedroom in San Francisco or New York or something, compared to here in Iowa it’s a very viable option for people,” said Lietzow.

Lietzow thinks that the pandemic taught people what types of apartments work best for their work-from-home needs.

“The COVID experience of possibly being home made it make sense that if you have a bedroom you kind of want the bedroom to be the bedroom,” Lietzow said. “And if you had an extra bedroom you could convert that into an office and then if you had a couple both of them could share that same office space.”