NORWALK, Iowa — Another central Iowa school will be better equipped to treat suspected opioid overdoses starting Wednesday.

Staff in the Norwalk Community School District will start training to use naloxone, often known by the brand name Narcan. The nasal spray is used to counteract opioid overdose symptoms. Narcan begins working as soon as it’s administered.

It’s already on hand in Des Moines public schools.

“When fire and EMS and even police are minutes away, seconds count. So this is just kinda that buffer where we want to buy some time to get the Des Moines Fire paramedics to one of our locations. It’s just buying a few extra minutes that could save someone’s life,” said Doug Richardson, DMPS Public Safety Specialist.

It’s not just schools that are stocking up on naloxone, it’s becoming more accessible across the metro. Libraries, bars, and restaurants are all eligible to get free doses of naloxone to keep on hand.

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