DES MOINES, Iowa — Four months have passed since two cars crashed in a street race and left a trail of destruction on East 14th Street near Grand View University. Neighbors say drivers are still flying down the road as if nothing happened.

The cars severely damaged a home on the 2100 block of East 14th Street during the August crash. The home is still under reconstruction as the New Year approaches.

Jessica Olson lives across the street from the damaged home and said the crash remains on her mind.

“Had it been on the opposite side of the road, it would have hit my son’s room,” Olson said. “He was dead asleep, wouldn’t have saw it coming, and it would have killed him.”

No one was injured in the crash aside from the drivers of the vehicles.

Olson said she wants to move from her home because of the crash. She hopes police crack down on street racing and for the racers themselves to think twice after a street racing crash killed a toddler on Fleur Drive.

“Get it together and do something,” Olson said. Make an effort because otherwise innocent people are going to continue to be affected by this.”