KNOXVILLE, IOWA — Gas prices have been falling in Iowa, and across the country. In the town of Knoxville, it’s welcome news at the Knoxville Raceway, where they count on fuel to bring fans to the stands, and drivers to the track.

“We’ve got the fans and the drivers, we’re affected the fans the people that are the loyal fans within a close driving range will still get all them,” said Jason Reed, Knoxville Raceway General Manager. “The fans that can be affected are the ones that drive for a little ways away, especially if the weather is cold or there’s a chance of rain people aren’t going to take the chance to come and see the show.”

The raceway has developed a sponsored program to offer some drivers a stipend to help with their fuel expenses to come to Knoxville to race.

“On the driver side of it, drivers travel from out of state, several, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, and all states around here that come to race here,” said Reed. “It cost a lot in diesel fuel to get here, those big trucks and trailers bring equipment here.”

Downtown at the Coffee Connection, people may not buy a whole lot of gas, but they do follow what’s going on with fuel prices.

“I always use my HyVee perks card to get the cheaper gas I was able to get $.59 off a gallon last week which helps a lot,” said Glenda Bolton, of Indianola. “I just got to see my son in Virginia and the flight there is much cheaper than the driving right now.”

“I’m lucky enough to have an E-85 vehicle flex fuel so here in Knoxville I get it for $2.30 a gallon,” said Dee Snodgrass, of Knoxville. “So until the gas prices get down to within $.60 of that or $.75 I’ll continue to use my flex.”

“When the prices go down you wonder, why did it go down,” said Laura McNeely from Knoxville.

“Maybe a little bit cautious, when they were way up,” said Leo VanVark, of Pella. “Other than that we basically try to get out about every day but in surrounding area.” 

“It is not affected me too much,” said Marilyn Wallace, of Pella. “I’m glad to see it come down, however, if I have a destination I’m going to go regardless of the price.”