DES MOINES, Iowa — From Humboldt to Des Moines to Ethiopia to Vietnam to Iraq. From the Farm Crisis of the 1980s to the Great Floods of 1993 to bone-chilling blizzards and umpteen tornadoes. There were presidents (7 of them), Iowa Caucuses (11 of them) and the American Gothic House pie lady (there can only be one). Thousands of characters, events, and memories. WHO 13 Chief Photojournalist Mike Borland’s camera lens served as Iowans’ eyes to the world.

After growing up in Humboldt, Mike moved to Des Moines and graduated from Drake University. His career at WHO 13 actually began before he finished college. He worked in the film room of the station in 1978. The cameras and technology have changed frequently and dramatically over the years but Mike embraced them and excelled with them. Recently, he has also served as one of the station’s drone pilots.

Mike has mentored hundreds of reporters, producers, editors and photographers at the TV station. He has led his photojournalism staff to numerous state, regional and national awards and represented his colleagues on national boards where he advocated for access and a free press.

You will find few journalists as dedicated as Mike to seeking the truth, holding decision-makers accountable and making sure Iowans’ voices are represented. Mike is retiring after 44 years, a remarkable accomplishment of longevity, dedication and excellence. He will now concentrate on his new full-time passion: his grandchildren.