ANKENY, Iowa — Des Moines Area Community College has a new course available in auctioneering. The course will go over how to be an auctioneer as well as how to get started in the business.

David Aeschliman, a real-life auctioneer and the professor of DMACC’s Auctioneering course, said that the course focuses on much more than just talking quickly.

“Teaching the chant is actually fairly easy. Learning how to run a business is much more complicated. There are a lot of different costs you incur and I think people don’t know how to handle those. Do we pass those onto the seller do we pass those on to the buyer do we eat those?” Aeschliman said, “So we’re going to get into this pretty comprehensively.”

The course starts with online modules and then ends with three days of on-campus instruction. DMACC hopes that the added flexibility of a hybrid course will attract more students.

To learn more about DMACC’s Auctioneering course or to register for it visit the school’s website.